3043 "Event Horizon" OpAmp [Assembled]

3043 "Event Horizon" OpAmp [Assembled]

3043 "Event Horizon" OpAmp [Assembled]

Only 10 units of this product remain


Please note: Assembled OpAmps always come with 0.5in / 12.7mm API length pins.

These should still easily fit all devices.

We developed a new high gain topology that is not based on anything available so far, to bring you a fresh and new flavor. For that, we spent countless hours developing, listening and comparing components to find the perfect match.

The 3043 is implemented with matched transistors housed in the same package for superior matching and reproducibility throughout.

The design deviates from the standard output transistor packages to a single chip to provide superior thermal coupling between the transistors and the biasing diodes.

The 3043 utilizes 16 transistors with most being a current mirror or load to improve stability and usability. These transistors are all premounted on a beautiful black and gold PCB and do not require additional soldering. The kit only requires the soldering of resistors, capacitors and diodes, which makes it easier to build.

Sound and Versions:

The original version is generally very focused throughout the spectrum with a nice attention to transients, mid forward punch and overall rounded top.

The enhanced version beautifully focuses and enhances all transients without sounding harsh. It's not as mid forward as the original but has more punch to it.


  • Supply Voltage: ±12VDC to ±22VDC
  • Quiescent Current, Original Version: ±12mA@±12V, ±15mA@±16V, ±20mA@±22V
  • Quiescent Current, Enhanced Version: ±16mA@±12V, ±21mA@±16V, ±29mA@±22V
  • Input Offset Voltage: <3mV@±16V
  • Input Bias Current: <150nA@±16V
  • Input Offset Current: <30nA@±16V
  • High current output
  • High open loop gain
  • Unity Gain Stable
  • Low noise
  • Standard 2520 Footprint
  • Gold plated pins
  • Dimensions (WxL): 28mm x 28mm (1.102")

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